Just pre order this damn amazing album. September 9th get here already


Can’t resist.

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Thanks for all the hilarious moments and happiness you brought to us. Because of Hades I became a cat lover. Today is a sad day. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken of Hades over time. I sure will miss her and it’s sad because I was looking forward to hopefully seeing her again one day.


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

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I can’t seem to sleep anymore.

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Angel and I (Team Dynasty) just won the best game of beer pong ever. First two shots was 5 cups down, second was 4 cups. Last cup was a tool back, behind the back straight into the cup. GAME OVER! @johnjr89 that looks so sad and shocked now lost his bet on the game, has to do the ice bucket challenge with a beer chug when all the beer is done tonight. #WeekendWarriors

Before falling asleep last night I kept thinking of being at that Grey Hound station waiting for my bus back home and her crying not wanting me to go all while some guy brush his teeth in front of us outside ha. I wake up this morning to find a text I missed during the night.

"Hey are you awake?"

Fuck, I wish I was at that moment.


Just one more day and it’s off to San Antonio for the weekend for Warped Tour. My bed fits one more person, just bring pizza and I’ll share :3